Welcome to Rawafed Private School Library, one of the most important part of the education as it provides lots of information and materials that help students gain and acquire knowledge. It is a quiet place and welcomes a learning environment that they could enjoy reading, study peacefully and also learn a lot of great things in the world.

We have librarians who use an effective system to keep a track of all the books that go in and out of the library. We have a special library period, where students are allowed to read and borrow books which help them in respective subjects.

Our school has a very large library. It has a collection of more than 17000 books from small story books to large reference books, such as novels, dramas, short stories, poetry books, Dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. They are all arranged in different sections, so that it becomes easy for those who search for a particular book.

The books are carefully chosen to meet the interests of the children, to motivate them to read and to develop their knowledge of the world around them. There are also topic-based books to support the curriculum.

All students from grade 1 to 12 are encouraged to visit the library to borrow books. All primary classes are timetabled for a 45-minute lesson each week and they can take home two books a week from either the fiction or nonfiction areas of the library.

There are also tables and chairs for group work, 2 LCD TVs for watching movies and having game competitions, 9 computer desktops with internet connection for students’ projects and researches that help refereeing notes that they require for the respective subjects that they are looking out for.

We, at Rawafed School Library always strive to provide better services and facilities to support the school Teaching, Learning and Research activities.

This library is supporting the Academic Programs as well as the General Education through its collection and service, to enable the students and faculty to utilize the Information Resources of the Library more effectively.



Why the Library is Important

Reading is regarded as one of the most enriching habits for the simple reason that it is not just a hobby or a pass time that entertains you, but it is also an educational activity and hence brings to you a vast reservoir of knowledge. Reading increases the drive for knowledge and inspires people to gain more information. Thus a library is a treasure of valuable books for the people to use and gain from it.

Learning Experience for the Children

A library is a very important aspect in the learning process of your child. The extensive genre of children's literature is an essential part of the growing up process. In caSe you have enough resources, it is always advisable to have an in-house library. If you think you cannot afford a library at home, you can always visit a public library. Most of the public libraries are keeping with the times and equipped with facilities like CD's and even computers.

Libraries are necessary for the literacy and education of a community.
A library grows the community.
Through a library new ideas are learned, expressed, and acted upon.
Without them the value and wealth of a community goes down.

Libraries are a hub of social and educational activity.

Done By: Mayada Abdul Qadir

Library Poems

My Library


Imagine if I was given one moment

Just a single slice of my past

I could hold it close forever

And that moment would always last


I’d put the moment in a safe

Within my heart’s abode

I could open it when I wanted

And only I would know the code


I could choose a time of laughing

A time of happiness and fun

I could choose a time that tried me

Through everything I’ve done


I sat and thought about what moment

Would always make me smile

One that would always push me

To walk that extra mile


For me to only pick one moment

To cherish, save and keep

Is proving really difficult

As I’ve gathered a heap


I can open my own little library whenever I like

Pick a moment and watch it through

My little library acts as a promise

I’ll never forget you


                                                                                             Done by : Jana Wael